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Premier Hamper Stand

Engineered for long lasting performance in a demanding environment. Lid is injection molded from ABS high resolution resin to withstand repeated openings and closings. Rubber lid bumpers are added for quiet closing. A bag holding locking ring carriers a bag of at least 30" wide for this hamper. Four large free-turning casters with two locking brakes make this the hamper stand of choice. NOTE: When choosing a label for a hamper stand, substitute label number for the X in ordering a complete hamper and label system. Labels: Soiled Linen 100, Infectious Waste 200, Isolation Linen 300, Surgery Soiled Linen 500, Trash 600. Replacement parts are available for all hamper stands. Packing List Description: HAMPER PREMIER 19X21X36 STEPONSOILED LINEN Package: Each (ea)

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